Friends and Family feedback

Thank you for your responses to our Friends and Family test during December 2018, January & February 2019


How likely are you to recommend our Practice to Friends and Family if they needed similar care or treatment: Likely


How do you feel about the following:

Time waited for an appointment: Good

The way our staff welcomed you: Good

The way clinical staff listened to you: Good

The way you were treated: Good

Your time with us today: Good


How easy is it to get through to speak to someone: Fairly Difficult


Overall how would you describe your experience of making an appointment: Fairly Difficult




  • Been with the practice 41 years and never had any problems with care received
  • The care you get at the doctors is very good but the problem is it takes weeks to get an appointment
  • Excellent service from all, nurses were brilliant, caring & helpful
  • Treatment from ANP and HCA were excellent
  • A good service is provided, I like Rapid Access Clinic
  • Staff are always pleasant and helpful
  • I have always been treated well by this practice. Always receive an appointment when its an emergency
  • Physio is of a high standard
  • I have just found out what’s wrong with me, everybody has been lovely and understanding
  • I think that if you want the best treatment just give Hollyns Health a try, you won’t be sorry
  • The surgery does a fantastic job in all circumstances, I have never had an issue with the getting the help I need




  • Telephone appointment to get test results is too long a wait
  • I find it hard to contact the GP by telephone
  • The appointment system is frustrating
  • Phone lines need improvement
  • Too many different doctors






  • We are now operating Care Navigation. When you ring the surgery we will ask you what the nature of the problem is and sing post you to the relevant organisation for advice, treatment or care.
  • Online appointments available more than 1 week in advance with Drs and Nurse Practitioners
  • Online appointments available with the Health Care Assistant for blood test, blood pressure and B12 injections
  • Extended hours clinic appointments available at other surgeries in Bradford, late evenings to see Doctors, Nurse Practitioner and Practice Nurse
  • Virtual surgery on website for advice on minor ailments
  • Local Pharmacies also offer over the counter for minor ailments
  • Acute clinic available in the afternoon for urgent problems
  • Call back available morning and afternoon for urgent advice
  • Telephone appointments available for test results or general non urgent advice


If you would like to give any feedback on your experiences please click on the following link: