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Our Company Values

In the next 5 years, we’d like…

Access and Care Delivery

To provide high quality, appropriate and safe services at all times.


To have wide range of services available to you; being seen by the most appropriate professional, at the most convenient location and within the most appropriate timescale.


For you to be looking after your own health and wellbeing wherever possible.

Viability and Workforce

To be a viable service providing the care you need in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.


To have a valued workforce of the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, doing the right things at the right time.

Systems and Processes

To have the most effective and efficient technology, systems and processes in place that support workload management and maximise care delivery.

We will treat people with respect and dignity.

Treating others as you would like to be treated.


Promoting mutual respect and ensuring no-one is discriminated or disadvantaged.


Respecting the different needs, aspirations and priorities of people and taking these into account when designing and delivering our services.

We will communicate clearly, openly and honestly.

Putting communication at the heart of what we do by ensuring this takes place in a timely and effective manner through eg website, weekly newsletters and message boards.


Ensuring 2 way communication by providing regular opportunities for involvement and feedback from from service users, staff, Patient Group and other stakeholders.


Acting on feedback, suggestions, complaints and compliments to drive service improvement.

We will be consistent in our delivery of services.

Working together as a team.


Working with others in the health and care system to ensure consistent and joined up service delivery.


Having clear and best practice protocols and procedures in place.

We will promote and deliver high quality care.

Providing the very best, evidence based care we can by adopting best practice and NICE guidance.


Ensuring all staff have the necessary competences in place through regular appraisals and development.


Maintaining a ‘Good’ CQC rating as a minimum and maximising our Quality Outcome Framework points to ensure service quality and continuity of care.

We will be approachable and professional.

Ensuring all staff are sensitive, compassionate and professional in their approach to others.


Regularly seeking , listening to and acting on constructive feedback from service users, staff, Patient Group and other stakeholders.


Consistently achieving 90% or above on service user questionnaires.

We will seek to improve lives.

Actively promoting holistic health and wellbeing by recognising the value of involving others in service provision.


Enabling people to take responsibility for living healthier lives through education and empowerment.


Sharing best practice and being innovative in our approach to service delivery.

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