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Carers Resource

About Carers Resource

Carers Resource is a charitable organisation based in Shipley that supports the needs of unpaid carers i.e. those individuals who are looking after someone at home who is not well or has a disability or long term illness. 

Caring duties are not restricted by age and there are many young carers (less than 18 years old) and older carers.  As you can imagine, caring duties never end for some, and they may be faced with looking after someone 24hrs 365 days a year.  Consequently, many carers may themselves become ill due to stress or not getting a break they need from caring duties.  Some may lose links with family and friends and become socially isolated.  Others may lose their job or face financial difficulties or struggle with educational goals and aspirations.

Many carers see their caring role as a sense of duty and don’t know about the support that is available for themselves.  Carers Resource offers many different services to support the needs of carers.  Some of these are listed below.

Services Provided By Carers Resource

Wellbeing Review – assessing and supporting carers needs

Wellbeing Grant – to support the purchase of items to support a carers wellbeing needs

Emergency Plans – to help the carer plan for unforeseen circumstances and put measures in place in case they themselves become ill.

Young Carers and Families – support, groups and activities for young carers (those under 18 years of age).

Worth Connecting – a support to get online service with loans of iPads and access online

Create – to offer advice, guidance and training to support carers back to work and education.

Home from Hospital – supporting patients that need up to 6 weeks of support at home, following a discharge from either Bradford Royal Infirmary or Airedale Hospitals.

Supported Discharge – a project that will support a patient that has attended A&E and although not admitted, would need support to get home and onward referrals for support to reduce the chance of a readmission. This support is upto 2 weeks, involving home visits to check in and provide practical support.

Carer Navigator – support for unpaid carers that are visiting a relative or person they care for that is an in patient in the above hospitals

Support Groups & Activities – various groups and activities to support the wellbeing of carers such as relaxation and therapeutic groups, leisure activities, trips, coffee meetings and other activities.

Allotment Group – we have 2 large allotments in which we have a qualified gardener on staff to support and enable carers to access a green space and therapeutic horticulture. Simply put many residents lack access to a green space if they live in terraced housing – this service is co-vid secure as its open air and a great way for unpaid carers to link in with other peer support from experienced carers – sharing knowledge, skills and social space.

Counselling Support – This is being trialled as a pilot at the moment, but we are arranging further funding to make this a permanent service. Carers can access remote and online counselling for up to 6 sessions, free of charge.

Care@ – direct care and support services from carers and cared for, such as home help and care, breaks, sitting service, personal assistant, hospital visits, befriending, and more. (Note: this is a paid for service).

For more information and  how to contact Carers Resource please read the leaflet:  Welcome to Carers Resource – Leaflet

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