Hollyns Health and Wellbeing offer Electronic Prescriptions. Electronic prescribing is an NHS service that allows patients to choose to have their prescriptions sent electronically to a nominated pharmacist. You will no longer need to collect your repeat prescriptions from the Practice.

We will send your prescription electronically to your chosen Pharmacy, saving you time.

What we offer

You would give your chosen pharmacy consent to receive your electronic prescription automatically. When you have nominated the pharmacy this will automatically appear on your medical record.


For more information please ask your local pharmacy or visit

Repeat Prescriptions


Click here to order your repeat prescription online


We issue regular medication (repeat prescriptions) automatically, this means you do not need to contact the Practice and ask for it to be re-prescribed.


You will need to order any ‘As Required’ and variable dose medications such as:


•Pain relief


•Nasal sprays

•Eye drops

•Creams and ointments

•Insulin and other diabetic equipment

•Liquid medication


Please allow 4 working days before collecting your medication from the pharmacy


Please click on the following link to view our leaflet on How to order your medication


Patients who have signed up with a Chemist for the ‘Electronic Prescription Service’ can collect their medication from the Pharmacy on the day the medication is due.