GP Partners


Dr. A. Raw

GP Partner
Working Hours: Monday all day, Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday all day

Qualifications: MBChB  MRCGP  DFRSH  DOcc Med

Asim Suleman

Dr. A Suleman

GP Partner
Working Hours: Monday afternoon (pain clinic only), Tuesday all day, Thursday afternoon and Friday all day

Qualifications: MBChB  MRCGP  MRCP  MSc  DOcc Med  DCH DRCOG

Christine Temperley

Dr. C. Temperley

GP Partner
Working Hours: All day Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Qualifications: MBChB  DFFP

Salaried GPs

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Dr. J. Doore

Salaried GP
Working Hours: All day Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Qualifications: MBChB  DFFP


Dr. S. Marris

Salaried GP
Working Hours: All day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Qualifications: MBChB  MRCGP

Dr. R. Hussain

Salaried GP
Working Hours: All day Wednesday & Thursday and Friday morning.

Qualifications: MBChB  MRCGP

Dr. B. Manzoor

GP Registrar
Working Hours: All day Monday, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday all day.

Qualifications: MBBS

Dr. M. Mahmood

GP Registrar
Working Hours: All day Monday & Tuesday morning.

Qualifications: MBBS

Advanced Nurse\Clinical Practitioners


Louise Lewis

Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Working Hours: All day Tuesday to Thursday

Qualifications: RGN  BSc HONS  MSc

Jayne Hunneybell

Jayne Hunneybell

Advanced Clinical Practitioner
Working Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Qualifications: Dip HE  MSc

Helen Clarke

Acute Care Responder
Working Hours: All day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Mornings

Qualifications: IHCD Paramedic

Lucy Stephenson

Physician Associate
Working Hours:


Pauline Kiely

Primary Care Practitioner
Working Hours: All day Wednesday to Friday

Qualifications: BSc Paramedic Science   MSc Advanced Healthcare Practitioner

Mohammed Saeed

Primary Care Practitioner
Working Hours:


Medical Students

The partners also occasionally teach medical students who may ask your permission to be present during the consultation.

Practice Nurses (PN)

As well as being able to offer the same services as our Health Care Assistants our Practice Nurses also offer immunisations and annual chronic disease reviews for a range of ongoing illnesses such as coronary heart disease, asthma and diabetes. Any additional areas of expertise are listed with the individual nurse.

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Helena Schofield

Practice Nurse Manager - BSc (Hons) RGN
Anticoagulation, smoking cessation advice, contraception (including coil checks), sexual health and smears

Nurse Jessica

Practice Nurse - BSc (Hons) RGN
Anticoagulation & some forms of contraception.
Christine Foulds

Christine Foulds

Practice Nurse - RGN
Smoking cessation and smears

Janet King

Practice Nurse - BSc (Hons) RGN
Some forms of contraception (including coil checks), Smears
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Caroline Carter

Practice Nurse - BSc (Hons) RGN Nurse Independent Prescriber
Anticoagulation, some forms of contraception (including coil checks), Smears and some prescriptions

Katy Dunn

Practice Nurse - BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing

Louise Reynard

Practice Nurse - BSc (Hons) RGN

Health Care Assistants (HCA)

Our HCA team are available for blood tests, blood pressure checks, ear irrigation, wound care, spirometry, ECGs, weight management and new patient health checks.


Babra Quershi

Senior Health Care Assistant - NVQ Level 1 and 2 Health & Social Care

Janet Arthur

Senior Health Care Assistant - NVQ level 3 Health & Social Care

Karen Fraser

Health Care Assistant - Level 2 General Nursing Cert in Health & Social Care

Business Management

Our Business Development, Enterprise and Finance Manager is Mrs Sharon Barraclough who is responsible for the organisation of services for the practice in order to ensure that a high standard of care is achieved in all areas.

Sharon Barraclough

Mrs Sharon Barraclough

Business Development, Enterprise and Finance Manager

Nicola Farrar

Administration Hub Manager

Mrs Shazia Rashid

Patient Services Manager

Mrs Debra Hunt

Finance Administrator

Mrs Jo Strawbridge

Reception Lead Clayton
Gill Summers 2

Mrs Gill Summers

Reception Lead Allerton

Patient Services Administration Team

The patient service administrators work under instruction from the GP Partners in order to arrange appointments in any of our clinics. They are also able to provide initial test results unless there is an instruction to speak with a GP, ANP or PN. They also ensure that any correspondence received for yourself is forwarded to the appropriate clinician in a timely manner. Certain members of this team also process prescription requests on your behalf.

Andrea Parker

Misbaah Bibi

Mariella Davis

Donna I’Anson

Fran Gallagher

Imrana Ahmed

Sarah Dunn

Tracy Nassau

Yvonne Heaton.

Diane Le Clercq

Holly Wright

Sharon Nelder

Mariyah Hussain

Data Team

The data team are responsible for sending out invites to any patient with a chronic disease such as asthma, diabetes or coronary heart disease. Additional to this our team deal with information technology services, audits, reports, read coding, summarising of patient files and online services.

Kirsty Smith

Miss Kirsty Smith

Data Co-ordinator

Fran Gallagher

Data Administrator

Secretarial Team

The secretarial team are responsible for processing medical reports once completed by a GP, providing copy records on a patients behalf, arranging patient transport (where it is clinically appropriate, this is confirmed by a GP) amongst many things.

Allied Health Pofessionals

We have various Allied Health Professionals working with the Practice Team, such as our regular Pharmacist Sonia Kauser . Sonia works with us to provide health care services to our patient population and are bound by the hollyns Health and Wellbeing confidentiality agreement and privacy policy.